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In 1992 a game was published that even today is fascinating more and more people: Transport Tycoon!

Whats´s the game about?

The sense and the target in the game is very simple:
Build up a transport company by using ships, rails, planes and vehicles, try to be better then the others and make a lot of money.

Unfortunately the game was developed for MS-DOS. But for many users it was on of the the best games ever developed, so they wantet to play it unter their windows based computers.
With the new project "Transport Tycoon Patch" it is now possible to play the game on up2date computers running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
But the patch still have some errors, so it was planned to write a clone of the original game which should have more features:

Open Transport Tycoon

Open Transport Tycoon, short OTTD, has very more features than the original game. Because it uses the orignal graphics of the game, it has the same look like the original game.

But there are some advantages:

On this page you can download addons and other downloads. Although there exist many websites which offer downloads for OTTD, why a new page?

Because on this page you should be able to download working and tested graphics. It´s a big thing which needs a lot of time. But it´s not impossible.

If you want to share your files here, send me an email. For every download you can see with which version it will work. If you find out, that one externsion is working with a newer version of OTTD than listet here, please notify me si I can update the page.

I also want to thank the creators of Transport Tycoon, transport Tycoon Patch and Transport Tycoon Headquarter which inspred me to create this website - and brought me back to the game.


Current Versions:

Open Transport Tycoon: 1.6.0

Transport Tycoon Patch: 2.0 rev A




OTTD Forum ( englisch)

Install new graphics:

Copy the GRF-File to the folder :\OpenTTD\data. Then create an entry [newgrf] in the file :\OpenTTD\openttd.cfg. Down below type the name of the file. For example:


Beginning with the Version 0.5 you can manage your new graphics in the game with the "NewGRF-Settings" Button. So you can easily add and remove new GRF-Files to the game without using a test editor! And there are more and more enhancements available which could now be downloaded within the game.


Thanks and Credits to:
any many more


If you are the owner of one of the offered files from this website, and don´t want to have your files here, please send me an email using the feedback page. It´s not my intent to violate your copyright! I´ll remove the files then, or set a link to your website, if you want this.